The LCD20 has most of LCA20’s functionality. However, there are a few exceptions. The differences are as follows:

  • The LCD20 does not have an on board display option
  • The LCD20 has two configurable digital inputs
  • The LCD20 is rated as IP20
  • The LCD20 runs on a DC power supply
  • The LCD20 does not have the on board RS485/RS232 communication outputs (this is the LC4 module on the LCA20)
  • On the LCD20, both the 4-20mA and 0-10V (analogue outputs) are factory calibrated

Yes, the navigation of the two is identical and the same user-friendly graphical interface is still in place. The software is still free of charge and can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the Support menu.

The differences in the two toolkits are only as a result of the difference in the functionality between the products.

Answer: This can be done by either using the PGM1 cable and Toolkit or the remote handheld
programmer (LP2)
Behind the front panel is a small red button (the Detect Switch), if you press connect in the LCD Toolkit and press the red button it will auto connect to the module.

LCD20 Panel

Yes, in the calibration menu you can view the last calibration date and calibration counter.